Don’t nix WIX, but could use a fix (or two)

I had to measure up the offering of free website builder, as I see my Facebook experience inundated with ads for WIX. Didn’t realized I actually had an account from last year :s. So decided to finish the publish process of test content. The interface is… not a bad application of taking something as complex as HTML (and complimentary languages) and wrapping it up into a UI that someone with no training can dive into. It can be a little clunky as the tools are HTML based, so drag selections and such can be an issue. Ginger ‘proper’ use of the mouse is encouraged. All-in-all easy though, for a wide variety of skill levels.

Page results look fine enough. Only real issue I see is that the mobile version is not responsive; looks like it relies on device detection. Tested on iPad, resizing browsers (Safari/Chrome/Firefox) in OSX, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, iPad, PlayBook and Sony Xperia. Mobile version was only rendered on the Xperia. The PlayBook with built in browser only shows white screen after MULTIPLE attempts to refresh and view.

Here’s my fabulous test site:

And if you haven’t had the pleasure, an import of those great Facebook ads:

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