With Claytoons, I offer a wide variety of services. As a professional there are a number of standard fair offerings I eat, sleep and breath. As an enthusiast and passionate tinkerer, there’s also a set of disciplines I develop with personally; and emerging technology items from my R&D side that I offer up as well. Thus the need for two categories:

Standard Services ~

Front-end web & mobile development

html css javaMy primary role beginning in 1995 has been front-end web development of both static and dynamically driven sites. So I understand the workings of HTML from the ground up, and was there through the rise of rich media. I continually learn and develop in the most modern front-end languages, and have been actively developing in mobile integration of web delivery content from the beginning of mobile computing. These days that primarily means CSS(3/X), XHTML(5), JavaScript, PhoneGap, xCode, and PHP. Seasoned mobile platform development in iOS, & BlackBerryOS. Emerging Android development.


WordPress. Development, design, setup, hosting and training

WordPress has been a high-demand platform for Claytoons product delivery over the past few years. I can set you up effectively and quickly. Design & custom installs. Custom development. Setups and installs, backups, and provide options in cPanel hosting, including host and email migration. Whatever you need in terms of a WordPress Content Management System solution.


2D illustration & animation, 3D animation & interactive development

I have been drawing well before I started in on computers. And I started writing programs at the age of eight, so hopefully you note my personal desire and skill for visual arts in that. My illustration zeal has provided me  with opportunities to create animations used to showcase software for sale to clients including Disney. This love of two dimensional imagery translates to the 3D world, where I have experience 3D modelling and animating for television broadcast, web features, and real-time 3D interactive gaming engines. 3ds max and Blender are my 3D tools of choice to work for you. And to complete the package I have experience writing concepts, scripts, storyboards and voice over work (corporate videos, cartoons) for multiple companies. Yours could be next.

Social media engagement strategy, monitoring consultation and setup

social-media-measureWeb 2.0 has come and gone, with the natural evolution of the Internet being social. Feeds, likes, blogs and comments – the power of your products success is wrapped up in how your customers from today and tomorrow interact with your brand. Let my training in social media engagement via platforms, measurement tools, assessment exercises and reporting processes bring your business the social \’senses\’ they need to thrive.

Analytics setup, analysis, reporting

analyticsSetting up a web presence is vital, but you can’t know the impact focus and ROI, or plan future updates if you don’t measure how people are using your sites and tools. Allowing a knowledgable developer to set up analytics tools as your web content is being developed is the best integration plan. Claytoons has years of experience with setup, tracking and analysis of visits, visitor stats, goals, events, ect.

Personalized technical training

teacherIt’s great to have an expert to consult with when tackling a new initiative or solving a problem. But when it comes to staying abreast on current technology and having the know-how to use emerging tools, you don\’t always want to pay a premium. As part of my WordPress development process I include personalized training packages to allow you or your staff to keep using the Content Management System tools to maximize your effectiveness and minimize cost. With over two-and-a-half years experience as a college instructor and curriculum developer, ask me for needs and quotes on software training packages I can provide and deliver for you.

Extended Services ~

Video visual FX, online video processing & streaming

video-playerI have years of personal experience engaged in online video content delivery, including a YouTube channel with over 14,500 views, creation of about a dozen corporate videos and featurettes, and a hand in the VFX in two broadcast commercials. I also experiment in streaming via ustream and Google+/Hangouts/YouTube integration, and use software tools for live video splitting and real-time FX overlays.



Digital maps content integration

mapWhile lists and bullets do the trick when simplifying content EVERYBODY wants & needs, but NOBODY wants to read, they can only convey so much. If a picture is worth a thousand words, an interactive map with content overlays is worth a library. And everyone becomes a speed reader. Allow me to quote on map integration of your data. Including rich media. Geolocating has never been so great for your business.